Internal communication

Digital signage and employee app
a perfect symbiosis

At the beginning of this year, we launched our employee app “Screenimage Mobile”. In the last few months, we have already equipped two existing and one new customer with the app. The feedback is very positive, especially regarding the combination of digital signage and employee app.

We admit it, we were a bit queasy when we decided to develop our own employee app. After all, we were still busy migrating the last customers from “screenPLAN” to “Screenimage Pro” plus the wish list of new features was still long despite more than 3 years of development, conception and quite a lot of brain power. The development of the app would in turn absorb us for months. At the same time, adding an additional medium also brings the risk of cannibalizing our own solution.

However, it was clear to us that if we wanted to fully live our vision “We simplify digital information flow” in internal communication, there was no way around our own app. Now “Screenimage Mobile” is fully ready for the market and the first customer projects clearly show the advantages of the combination of digital signage and employee app.

The screens form digital POIs (points of information) at which employees can obtain information when they are working on site. The advantage of the screens is that the content is also perceived as you walk by and you don’t have to actively “go out of your way” to find it. The app is strongly aimed at anyone who either works in a home office or is on the road a lot (field service, technicians, drivers, etc.). A quick glance at the app and the employee sees the latest messages directly, regardless of time and location.

Screenimage Mobile is based on the same target groups as the digital signage solution. Depending on the department to which they belong, users are shown different channels and thus only the information that is relevant to them. Your employees can also subscribe or unsubscribe to other optional channels themselves. The result is an individual newsfeed.

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