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Every two years, we conduct a customer survey to find out how satisfied our customers are with the software and the support provided by Screenimage. In 2023, 50 customers took part. The result is impressive and gives us great pleasure.

The most important question for us is whether our customers would recommend us to others. We use this question to gauge overall satisfaction (software, support, value for money, etc.). The result was more than pleasing. We achieved an average result of 8.9 points (10 maximum), which corresponds to a Net Promoter Score of 66.

This was followed by more in-depth questions. The software itself was rated as “reliable” (22) to “very reliable” (28) by all 50 respondents. The same applies in terms of simplicity: 30 found the software to be “simple” and 20 even “very simple”.

We also achieved similarly good results for the more specific questions relating to support. For example, 49 and 48 of the 50 respondents were “satisfied” to “very satisfied” with the support provided by the project managers and the support team. The high level of satisfaction was also reflected in the following quotes:

“Super team and support, very pleasant team and great assistance every time”

“Very simple tool, intuitive to use, great support from the sales and support team – MERCI!”

“We have just received a new screen! That makes us happy. “

In addition to the positive feedback, we received a few software requests, which we incorporated directly into the further development of Screenimage Pro.

Challenges in the use of digital signage

In order to find out more about the use of Screenimage Pro, we added two new questions to the catalog. We wanted to know what the biggest challenges are when using digital signage:

  • 40% of respondents stated that they have enough content, but no time to capture it.
  • 20% stated that they did not have enough relevant content.
  • 15% complained about a lack of acceptance of the medium internally
  • The remaining answers were divided between “No challenge”, “Missing template”, “Question skipped”

We see digital signage as an element of the internal communication mix and not as a competitor to other communication channels. Nevertheless, we wanted to know from the respondents whether they thought digital signage was “better”, “equally good” or “worse” than the usual internal communication tools for reaching all employees of a company. The result was that, with the exception of e-mail, most people thought that digital signage was just as good or better.

  • 54.7 % Intranet
  • 59 % Website
  • 59 % Traditional notice board
  • 49 % E-mail

Most respondents also voted “equally good” for the employee app; however, 75% of respondents stated that they were unable to assess this. In this respect, these results are not representative. With the rollout of our own employee app “Screenimage Mobile”, we will probably receive more information in two years’ time.

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