Healthcare sector

Digital signage solutions in healthcare.

Well-known hospitals and clinic groups have been among our customers for many years. We would be happy to give you an overview of the use of digital signage in healthcare and show you why Screenimage Pro is particularly well suited for use in inpatient facilities.

One of the challenges of communication within hospital operations is that it is directed at three target groups with different needs. Employees need different information than patients, who in turn have different needs than visitors. Certain information is relevant for everyone, while other information is only relevant for some. With digital signage, you take this specificity into account by playing out different information depending on the location of the screens.

Our solution in the clinics of the Hirslanden Group shows this as an example. Roughly, all screens within a clinic are assigned to one of the following categories:

Upon entering, the Welcomescreens, which are installed directly at the reception, immediately catch the eye. With lots of images and video content, they create an inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, upcoming events are announced on the screens, and the clinic and the head physicians are introduced. The integration of the local timetable is also a much-noticed category among visitors.

These screens are installed in high-traffic locations such as the corridors of the wards or in the restaurants. They are aimed at both patients and visitors. In addition to the presentation of the staff per department, clinic information (events, menu plans, etc.) is displayed. On the part of Corporate Communication, group-wide campaigns (prevention, offers) are published on these screens.

Internal Screens
The screens are stationed in the staff areas and show clinic information, internal messages and directives as well as news from the clinic group. At some clinics, we have also integrated news from the Beekeeper employee app.
All screens are populated with information both group-wide, locally and by departments.

Another special feature, especially in internal communication, is the 24-hour operation and the fact that only the smallest part of the workforce has a fixed PC workstation. Digital signage is therefore ideally suited to inform the entire workforce, as the contributions are displayed on the screens for several days and are thus perceived by all employees during the course of the week. By the way, digital signage content does not only consist of manually created contributions. By means of interfaces, data from a hospital information system, for example, can be integrated very easily. At the Zug Cantonal Hospital, we even developed a patient guidance system for the emergency room.

You already have a digital signage system in use and would like to optimize it? No problem – we can usually take over the existing hardware and continue to use it. Digital signage content can also be integrated into patient terminals.