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What Is Digital Signage All About?

We admit it, digital signage is not the most catchy term. That’s why we are asked again and again what digital signage exactly means and what all belongs to it.

As a digital signage company with our own software, we should be predestined to provide a good explanation. For this reason, we have ventured our own definition and tried to explain the term as briefly as possible and yet in all its facets. Whether we succeeded, you decide…

Digital signage describes the use of digital media content that is displayed or played back using screens or projectors. This often involves the digitization of classic communication media such as posters and notices.

Unlike analog communication media, digital signage can also be used to play animations and films, thus attracting greater attention. Studies have shown that people remember moving images better and that they generate a significantly longer contact time than static communication media. Another advantage of digital signage is that the content broadcast on the devices (screens) can be managed centrally. This saves a lot of time and coordination effort, and there are no printing costs.

New application areas

Digital signage screens are still most frequently used as an advertising medium, e.g. in stationary retail. We are talking about classic advertising displays that try to attract the attention of customers with digital content (video, images presentations). Whereby the technology is also suitable for many other areas of application. Especially today, in the time of digital transformation, there are always new areas of application for digital signage solutions.

Internal Communication

The advantages of digital signage in external communication can also be ideally used for internal corporate communication. Infoscreens combine the visibility of a bulletin board with the up-to-dateness of a well-maintained intranet. By means of interfaces, additional live information such as evaluations, production figures, etc. can be integrated. The resulting transparency increases efficiency and even enables new forms of collaboration.
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Signaling, visitor information

A more classic area of application is the field of signaling & visitor guidance. Infoscreens are used here, for example, to greet, guide and inform visitors and guests. Probably the biggest advantage of digital signage is that the display on the systems can be adapted to the situation. For example, the “normal content” during an event can be overridden with event-specific content, e.g. a video or event information, or individual greetings can be displayed.
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Additional benefits through Interactivity

Touch technology enables direct interaction between the user and the digital signage system. The individual solutions differ greatly in terms of complexity. While some are only used to interactively request information, others also allow input or trigger actions, e.g. call, ticket printing, etc.

Digital Signage Screens

In order to take advantage of all the benefits of digital signage, a smooth operation of the system is necessary. This requires the use of so-called professional displays, projectors or video walls. These are designed for continuous operation and, depending on the area of application, have higher brightness levels than “consumer devices”. Furthermore, depending on the location, local fire protection standards must also be met. These are all requirements that can only be met by displays from the Professional Line. In addition to displays, a professional digital signage solution requires powerful media players as well as the appropriate mounting..
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Screenimage Solutions

We at Screenimage are among the pioneers in the Swiss digital signage market. Since 2003, we have been developing digital signage projects for numerous companies from a wide range of industries. In exchange with our customers we continuously develop our content management system (digital signage software). Always with the goal of making it even more efficient, interactive and easy to use. As a full service provider, we offer you everything you need for your digital signage system: Consulting & conception, software, professional displays, media players as well as maintenance & support.


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