Digital signage simplifies your digital information flow.


All our efforts are focused on bringing your digital information to where it could be noticed. No matter if it is for your employees, customers, visitors, or patients, digital signage helps make your information more visible and accessible. Harness the potential of digital signage – to communicate consistently, digitally, and quickly.

Digital Signage Screen

Internal Communication

By using our intelligent digital signage solutions, you can reach out to all your employees. Info display content can also be viewed by employees with no PC workstation. As your communication addresses specific audiences, your employees only see what is really relevant to them. This translates into less coverage waste and more exposure for your messages.

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External Communication

Regardless of what kind of different posts or formats are to be displayed and in how many sites, our digital signage software called Screenimage Pro can be used to manage all displays centrally online. It is up to you what your customers read and see at the POS level, and when.

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Visitor Information System

Our visitor information solutions let you digitally welcome, inform, and guide your visitors, customers, and guests in a sophisticated way through your building. The functionality of our solutions ranges from basic welcome screens to digital door signage to interactive touch displays.

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High Attention

Digital signage allows you to display all digital content (images, text, videos) and play it back in a programmable manner. Research shows that dynamic content, such as animations, video clips, and slideshows, generate more attention than classic mediums, such as posters.


Real-Time Update

Our state-of-the-art software enables you to plan your content accurately to the minute or to adjust and correct it with just a few clicks. This is why many companies throughout Switzerland are opting for digital signage for their corporate communication. Digital content is created not only faster, but also in a much more flexible way.


Automated Content

Data and information can be integrated into your digital signage software in an automatic and programmable way. Moreover, digital signage works bidirectionally, i.e. the content of your information displays can also be shown on your website or in our mobile app.


Targeting Specific Groups

Each of our digital signage solutions relies on your organization’s unique information structure. Posts are shared from top to bottom in this structure. Thus, your digital content can be easily distributed among specific target groups, with no Content Manager being needed.


Professional Hardware

As we only use professional displays and media players, our solutions stand out for their trouble-free operation and longevity. Being Switzerland’s pioneers in digital signage, we have long-standing experience and can provide you with optimal advice on all hardware related issues.



As far as software is concerned, all our customers have access to various templates customized to their needs and corporate design. The solution makes it possible to create manual posts quickly and easily, without users having to think about how such posts are going to look like.



Digital Signage