Guide your guests the way.


With our visitor information solutions, you can greet guests, visitors, and customers and guide them elegantly around your building. Different systems can be used, depending on what is needed. Our solutions range from “basic” welcome screens to info terminals using touch technology.



We are convinced that no standard solution will ever satisfy you 100%. For instance, the requirements of a hospital are completely different from those of a concert venue. As a result, we are happy to take the time to analyze your needs and subsequently create a solution that will be individually tailored to your needs.



With our solutions in place, you can customize content at the touch of a button for whatever situation may come up. A new tenant, changes to the premises, or some event-specific information: everything can be adjusted within seconds so as to fit again, and all this without any printing costs whatsoever.


Be it a customer, patient, or guest, visitors to your building would like to reach their destination or obtain the relevant information in a quick and easy way. To do this, you would need a system that you can rely on. With professional hardware, the ability to work offline, and interfaces, we guarantee you the highest possible reliability.


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