Professional Hardware
To Never Look At The Black Side.


For a trouble-free digital signage system, you need to have the right hardware. We supply you with all components you may need to run a technically sophisticated system. All is made ready in such a way that the installation becomes a piece of cake. You are also free to contact one of our installation partners.


Digital Signage Screens

We will be pleased to help you find an optimal screen solution for your intended use. What is of particular significance here is that the screens are laid out for continuous operation and feature necessary brightness and anti-reflective coating. Depending on the site, local fire prevention standards may also need to be observed.



We recommend you (regardless of the manufacturer) a digital signage media player that will fit your solution. Our players are preset to play content as soon as they are connected to the Internet (Plug&Play).


Mounts & Accessories

No matter if your displays are to be attached to the ceiling or wall, their brackets should be permanent, rigid, adjustable, or swiveling: Screen brackets should be stable, safe, and easy to maintain. Together with you, we develop an installation that would be best suited for your site.


Special Screen Formats

Are you looking for a solution that will stand out? Owing to our long-standing experience, we can also advise and support you when it comes to special screen formats such as video walls, outdoor screens, stretch monitors or touchscreens.