Leave the complicated work to our software.


Our proprietary software draws on over 15 years of our experience in digital signage. A standard solution? It does not bring anything! Our solution is flexible and freely scalable. Each project relies on a customized information structure.


Intuitive Web-Based Control

Manual feeds go live and can thus be seen on your displays within seconds. No prior IT knowledge is needed to operate the system using a web interface. A big advantage of the web-based solution is the possibility of launching messages from anywhere.


Separation Of Content And Design

So that content and design are always separated in your digital signage solution.
To make your digital signage solution always look convincing, you can define the layout right at the start of the project based on your corporate identity specifications. Accordingly, every feed, whether manual or automated, meets your design guidelines.


Automated Content Integration

Every company has a wealth of digital data and information, which can be automatically processed and sent for viewing on info screens. Potential sources include (internal or external) websites, operational systems, such as an ERP, or even live data from a machine or a production line.

Content Distribution Based On Your Corporate Structure

At the outset of the project, you define which information is to be displayed where and on what screens. By assigning user rights, you determine what individual employees are authorized to put on display. There is no need for manual assignment of content to each info screen.


Dynamic playlists

Central content management was yesterday. Multiple editors capture at the same time and content allocation per screen is automated based on user profiles & target groups. This makes the management of your posts much easier while saving a lot of time.


Time and rule-based broadcasting

You plan to the minute when and how long your post will be shown on the displays. By means of additional restrictions, recurring content (e.g. always only on Mondays between 08:00-12:00) can also be scheduled.


Data feeds

Supplement your digital signage system with additional content such as news, timetable data, social media, etc. We have a wide range of external data sources such as RSS feeds ready for you.


Various media formats

Don’t worry about file formats. Our solution converts your images and videos (over 200 formats) and displays them in the best possible quality on the Infoscreens. You can also crop the uploaded images directly in the software.


Regular updates

Regularly, challenging customer projects lead us to develop new features for the software, which then automatically benefit all our customers.


Everything from one source

A big advantage for you – Should a need or problem arise that is not covered by the current software version, we can extend or adapt your application individually. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you.


SaaS or On-Premise

You decide yourself whether you want to buy the software (on-premise) or operate it in a rental model (SaaS).


Cloud-Solution (SaaS)

With the cloud solution (SaaS), we provide you with the number of server and player licenses you need. The servers hosted by us are located in a professionally secured data center in Switzerland. Thanks to the update and maintenance contract included in the cloud license, your digital signage system is always up to date.


Inhouse-Solution (On-Premise)

Especially for companies with more sensitive content (e.g. customer, patient data), it may be necessary for the IT infrastructure to be operated centrally within the company. In this case, you purchase the screen image server and player licenses once and install the Infoscreen software “Screenimage Pro” on your server.